Sadanao Kawashima

Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Full-time Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Sadanao Kawashima


Apr. 1983 Joined Kao Corporation
Apr. 2007 Audit & Supervisory Board Member, Kanebo Cosmetics Inc.
Jun. 2011 Vice President, Investor Relations Group, Corporate Strategy
Sept. 2015 General Manager, Department of Internal Audit
Mar. 2019 Audit & Supervisory Board Member with title,
Office of the President, Business Management Support
Mar. 2021 Full-time Audit & Supervisory Board Member (current)

Reasons for the appointment

Mr. Kawashima has considerable expertise in finance and accounting, having worked in accounting and finance for many years and held key positions in Investor Relations and Internal Audit. In addition, he has a wealth of experience in group management, including being stationed at overseas subsidiaries and serving as an Auditor of affiliated company. Furthermore, he has contributed to enhancing the effectiveness of audits by Audit & Supervisory Board Member as an Audit & Supervisory Board staff member since March 2019. The Company has determined that Mr. Kawashima will be able to make full use of his experience and expertise in the auditing of the Kao Group, and for this reason appoints him as an Audit & Supervisory Board Member.

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