Shareholders Meeting

The 118th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

President and CEO’s Presentation Video


Date: March 22, 2024
Start: 10:00
Finish: 11:50
Place: Hotel New Otani (Chiyoda-ku Kioicho 4-1, Tokyo, Japan)
The number of shareholders in attendance: 298 (The total number of shareholders entering by the end of the meeting: 324)
The number of Directors in attendance: 10
The number of Audit and Supervisory Board Members in attendance: 5
The number of Executive Officers in attendance (including ones holding the post of Directors concurrently): 31

Major questions from shareholders

  1. Compliance with European environmental regulations and responding to deforestation
  2. Structural reform of human capital and cosmetics strategy
  3. Measures against human rights violations at oil palm smallholders
  4. Relationship between ESG’s concept and candidates for new director
  5. Risk response in social media
  6. China’s positioning in overseas strategies
  7. Use of generated AI
  8. Defining ROIC and reason for non-disclosure of sales targets
  9. Discussions at meetings of the Board of Directors on stock price
  10. Business development in India and Europe
  11. Status of marketing expenditures
  12. Profit sharing and sales format for joint development
  13. Outlook for joint development with other companies
  14. Diversity of the Board of Directors

Convocation Notice of the 118th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

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