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Our initiatives for a sustainable future

Our Initiatives

To realize a Kirei World in which all life lives in harmony.
We are working toward fulfilling our Commitment to the Future.

Regenerative Lifestyles

Plan for and enable regeneration.

As living environments undergo significant changes, we strive for a planet where all people live more fulfilled and enriched lives with peace of mind by promoting new practices of cleanliness, beauty, health and the environment that are easy for anyone to do.

Toward Carbon Negative

Move beyond CO2 reduction and unlock CO2 recycling.

We will reduce CO2 emissions through our activities and the use of our products and services as much as possible. Furthermore, we are aiming for carbon negative by developing technologies in which CO2 in the air recycled in raw materials.

Zero Waste

Waste nothing. Period.

We use precious resources without waste and revert products to raw materials after use. Our absolute goal is zero waste from our business activities.

Our Commitment to the Future: Recycling refill packs

Commitment to the Future: Asphalt with waste PET plastic

Precision Life Care

Every person is unique. Our solutions will be too.

We offer tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of every individual, achieved through a precise understanding of physical, environmental and underlying causes.

Virtual Human Body Generative Model

Leave No One Behind

Innovation can be for everyone. We won't stop.

We leverage our assets to make meaningful progress in providing peace of mind for all people grappling with serious challenges posed by aging and illness, empowering them to live each day to the fullest.

Commitment to the Future: Mosquito repellent technology

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