Inclusive & Diverse Workplaces


We firmly believe that fostering a Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive workplace is the key to advancing innovation, driven by the exchange and incorporation of differing perspectives. This starts in our workplaces, together with our business partners and communities, towards realizing a Kirei Lifestyle for all.

ESG keyword

  • Empowering all employees to fully develop their potential
  • Becoming an organization in which diversity is our strength

Contributions to the SDGs

Looking ahead to 2030, Kao is focused on the SDGs that have been agreed upon and adopted by the international community. As indicators for realizing a sustainable society, the SDGs set forth an integrated approach for improving the economy, society and the environment. Contributions by companies are considered extremely important to achieving the SDGs.
As indicated below, we are working to address the Kao Action topics set in the Kao ESG Commitments and Actions with the aim of achieving the SDGs.

Corresponding Sustainable Development Goals

SDGs GOAL 5:Gender equality

SDGs GOAL 8:Decent work and Economic Growth

SDGs GOAL 10:Reduce Inequalities

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