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Kao Integrated Report 2021

Introduction / Chapter 1 | Our Purpose and Vision

  • Message from the President & CEO—To All Stakeholders around the World
  • Overview of the Business Kao Is Aiming for
  • Kao Group Mid-term Plan 2025 (K25)
  • Roundtable Talk by Executive Officers

Chapter 2 | Our Strategy

  • Aiming to Achieve K25 Goals
  • Reorganization of Business Segments
  • Growth Strategy by Business Segment
     Hygiene and Living Care Business
     Health and Beauty Care Business
     Life Care Business
     Cosmetics Business
     Chemical Business
  • Roundtable Talk by Business Division Heads

Chapter 3 | Corporate Governance

  • Messages from Outside Directors and an Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member
  • Corporate Governance
  • Risk and Crisis Management
  • Compliance
  • Directors, Audit & Supervisory Board Members and Executive Officers

Chapter 4 | Data Section

  • Financial and Non-financial Highlights
  • External Evaluation
  • Financial Data
  • Kao Actions and Targets in the ESG Strategy
  • Corporate Information

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