Management Strategy and Mid-term Plan 2027 (K27)

K27 is an important milestone for delivering our Purpose to realize a Kirei World in which all life lives in harmony. Through K27, we will transform our business model and evolve into a company that protects future lives. Furthermore, we will accelerate our value creation and profitable development in cooperation with our many partners tackling the challenges of social issues.
Kao has set “Sustainability as the only path” and “Protecting future lives” as its vision in Mid-term Plan 2027 (K27) management goal for fiscal 2027.
The three strategic approaches to achieving these goals are “becoming an essential company in a sustainable world,” “transforming to build robust business through investment,” “and maximizing the power and potential of employees.”
The source of our growth is our five business domains, which are supported by our ESG strategy and our corporate philosophy, The Kao Way.
Through K27, we aim to become a company with a global presence and valuable to society by FY2030, and in the long term, to achieve our Purpose, to realize a Kirei World in which all life lives in harmony.

We reviewed our Mid-term Plan “K25” and announced the new Mid-term Plan “K27” on August 3, 2023.

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Strategic Approach

1. Become an essential company in a sustainable world

Together with our partners, we aim to build a business model that solves multiple social issues at once.

2. Transform to build robust business through investment

K27 promotes the transformation of our existing businesses (Reborn Kao) and the creation of new businesses that are different from Kao’s conventional styles (Another Kao), transforming into businesses that get stronger with investment.

3. Maximize the power and potential of employees​

We are working to create environments and introduce systems which realize a cycle of sustainable growth for our employees and the company.

Key Strategies for Enhancing Our Corporate Value

The PDFs provided below contain the contents of the Kao Integrated Report 2023, which was published in June 2023.

1. Deepen EVA-driven management

Deepen EVA-driven management and revive a “Strong Kao” with the introduction of ROIC by business and strengthening business portfolio management.

2. Deliver on ESG ambitions

Support the sustainable development of Kao through ESG innovations, and create a significant impact on people, society, and the planet.

3. Parallel business transformation​

Design synergies between RK and AK to provide new value that contributes to people’s enriched lives and the realization of a sustainable world.

4. Focused growth in 5 business fields

Accelerate the development of five business fields to continue protecting “Kirei” for people and the planet.

5. Accelerate digital transformation​

Pursue to further develop our DX talent and transform into a UX creation company that offers exceptional experience.

6. Energize our people

Plan and execute various measures to motivate every employee and encourage them to take on challenges.

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