Making Thoughtful Choices for Society

Kao Commitments by 2030

By 2030, 100% of Kao brands will make it easy for people to make small but meaningful choices that, together, will shape a more resilient and compassionate society.

Kao’s Action

Sustainable Lifestyle Promotion

Enable people to live more sustainable lifestyles through information, services and products that save precious resources such as energy and water.

Purpose Driven Brands

Every Kao brand will have a purpose for existing that improves quality of life and offers solutions to social issues within the communities or societies it touches to realize a Kirei World in which all life lives in harmony.

Transformative Innovation

Pursue Essential Reserch to unleash breakthrough innovations that help realize more sustainable lifestyles by solving social issues and easing people’s pains.

Responsibly Sourced Raw Materials

Source our raw materials in a more sustainable way that protects natural resources, the environment, safety and human rights through supply chain traceability and dialogue with suppliers.

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