David J. Muenz


Director, Managing Executive Officer

David J. Muenz


Jul. 2003 Joined The Andrew Jergens Company (currently, Kao USA Inc.)
Senior Vice President, Research and Development, US
Jan. 2014 Vice President, Mass Sector, Beauty Care Business Division-
(Flagship Brand Manager, John Frieda, Global & Jergens, Global)
Jan. 2018 Vice President, Mass Business, Americas & EMEA
Jul. 2018 Senior Vice President, ESG, Global (current)
Jan. 2019 Executive Officer
Jan. 2022 Managing Executive Officer
Mar. 2022 Director, Managing Executive Officer (current)
Jan. 2023 Responsible for Strategic Public Relations (current)

Reasons for the appointment

Mr. Muenz has contributed to the global implementation of "Yoki-Monozukuri"* at our US subsidiary, through his involvement in R&D and marketing in the fields of skin care and hair care outside Japan. In July 2018, he was appointed as Senior Vice President, ESG, Global of the Company, and in January 2019 he was appointed as Executive Officer. He led the development of the ESG strategy "Kirei Lifestyle Plan" announced in 2019, and he has played a central role in promoting this strategy since its development. The Company has determined that Mr. Muenz will be able to contribute to further enhancing the corporate value of the Kao Group by using his ESG-related insight and global experience and expertise in the planning and deliberation of management strategies, etc. at the Board of Directors and supervision of execution, and for this reason appoints him as a Director.

  • * In Japanese, "yoki" means good or excellent, and "monozukuri" means making or craftsmanship. For us, Yoki-Monozukuri means an excellent creation process that is good for everyone involved and enriches the lives of consumers and customers.
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