Corporate Message, Logo and Symbol

Corporate Message

By maintaining ecological systems, eliminating sources of harm, and protecting lives, Kao seeks to contribute to a thriving future and create a “Kirei” life where everyone can live happily.

The meaning behind our logo

The arc that underpins the entire logo symbolizes an uninterrupted view of the horizon, representing our planet.
Together, the elements of the logo express Kao’s commitment to maintaining a deep connection with people, society, and the planet in various situations, and to moving towards realizing a bright future for all life on Earth.

Reflecting on the Kao Moon

Since its creation in 1890, the “Kao Moon” has taken many forms, but has continued to symbolize our aspirations.
The Kao Moon will be there for people, society, and the planet, to gently watch over them, to guide the way, and to fill the future with hope.
The Kao Moon, with its welcoming smile, reflects our biggest dreams.

What our key visual means to us

This little heart is the key to a shining future where all life can flourish. The new day brings this pledge, to you, and to the planet.
The promise made by each and every person here at Kao is portrayed with this key visual.

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