Basic Policy for Quality Management Activities

Quality management activities based on Kao’s heartfelt Yoki-Monozukuri commitment

The foundation of Kao quality management activities is our heartfelt Yoki-Monozukuri commitment from the perspective of our consumers/customers as expressed in the Mission of the Kao Way. Moreover, as stated at the very beginning of Kao’s Business Conduct Guidelines (BCG): “We shall always strive to develop and provide socially beneficial and high quality products and services that place emphasis on the health and safety of our consumers and customers to realize sustainable economic growth and to resolve social issues.”

1. Consumers/customers decide on the quality of the products

To contribute to the wholehearted satisfaction and the enrichment of the lives of people globally, we must listen sincerely to what the consumer says about Kao products, and use the information for our business activities to improve their quality.

2. Providing products that users wish to continue to use

We work unceasingly across the entire organization to improve and maintain product quality so as to encourage consumers/customers to remain loyal to our products.

3. Ensuring safe usage for consumers/customers

Responsible for development of safe and eco-friendly products, we ensure safe usage for consumers/customers, providing appropriate information i.e. instructions regarding proper use, cautions, etc.

4. Legal compliance

We comply with laws and regulations at home and abroad for all business activities and fully cooperate with central/local governmental measures and international arrangements.

5. Transparency and accountability

We raise each individual’s awareness of respective responsibility, consistently engage in fair and open business activities, and assume accountability for improved reliability.

Staffed by members who represent divisions of the entire company, Kao’s Quality Management Committee deliberates and determines basic quality-related policies and key measures and provides internal oversight of company-wide quality management activities.

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