Kao supports and promotes initiatives that harmonize with local requirements and address specific social issues for a more robust and sustainable society, working hand in hand with nonprofits, NGOs and other representatives of diverse communities.

Kao Social Entrepreneurship Schools

Kao supports the development of social entrepreneurs in Japan who attempt to solve social issues with business approaches in order to pass a better society on to the next generation.
Partner: ETIC.

Kao Family Concert

In regions hosting Kao factories in Japan, Kao organizes concerts to promote local people's contact with live music and foster a love of music.

Gold Sponsor of the Japan Boccia Association

Kao is committed to social inclusion and aims to further the popularity of the sport of boccia as a way to encourage the full and equal participation in society by all.

Promoting a Barrier-free Environment

To build a barrier-free society, we engage in various activities, including providing free braille stickers for products, and providing audio informational magazines on daily life, to the visually impaired.

Partners for Reconstruction of Michinoku

Kao contributes corporate resources to a reconstruction project which provides mid-to long-term support for young leaders engaged in reconstruction after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.

Donation of In-Kind Goods to Social Welfare Facilities

Twice a year, Kao donates consumer products to social welfare facilities in the regions where Kao Japan operates and privately operated facilities nationwide where parents of hospitalized children can stay at nights.

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