Product History



The new product compares favorably with imported products in terms of quality and sells briskly.

Kao Sekken, a high quality toiletry soap, is launched.



Nihachisui moisturizer is launched.



Crude glycerine is launched.



Econa, institutional-use edible fat and oil, is launched.
The new product's name is an acronym derived from "Edible Coconut Oil of Nagase."



New and improved Kao Sekken is launched featuring improved quality and a more affordable price.


The new product causes "shampoo" to become an everyday word, changing Japanese hairwashing habits. (A poster used during the product launch)

Kao Shampoo is launched.


Excelin, a powder-type detergent made from higher alcohol, is launched.



Pioneering synthetic laundry detergent Kao Kona Sentaku is launched. (The new product, which is renamed Wonderful in 1953, becomes a hit, spurred on by the increasingly widespread use of electric washing machines.)


Kao begins exporting Kao Feather Shampoo, a powder-type product featuring a neutral formulation, to Asia.


Wonderful-K, a detergent for kitchen use, is launched, first as a powder- and later as a liquid-type product.



Zab laundry detergent is launched and becomes widely known for its advertizing slogan,"Ganko na yogore ni Zab" ("Zab, for stubborn dirt").

Mypet, Japan's first liquid household detergent, is launched.


Kao Softer anti-static fabric softener is launched.
(The new product is renamed Humming in 1966.)

Kao Bleach chlorine-based bleach is launched.
(The new product is renamed Kao Haiter in 1966.)


New Beads laundry detergent is launched and becomes broadly popular with consumers thanks in part to its advertising slogan, "Shirosa to kaori no New Beads" ("New Beads, whiteness and fragrance").


MIGHTY, a water-reducing agent for concrete is launched.


Halo toothpaste is announced as a new product for the fast-growing toothpaste market.



The new product becomes a bestseller and prototypical shampoo brand after gaining acceptance among consumers concerned about dandruff, ranging from children to adults, for its ability to maintain clean hair and scalp.

Merit Shampoo is launched.


Magiclean household cleaner for hard to clean areas such as vents and stoves is launched.


Laurier sanitary napkins are launched. The new product gains broad acceptance among women as a new, highly absorbent type of sanitary napkin developed using super water-absorbent polymers.



Bioré Facial Foam is launched as a replacement for soap in the form of a new, neutral type of facial cleanser that is gentle on the skin.

Toner binder for copiers is launched.


Kao (Hong Kong) Ltd. launches Bioré Facial Foam. The product is later launched throughout Asia.


Kao Sofina is launched as a new line of basic skin care cosmetic products offering dermatology-based basic skin care.

Deinking agents for paper recycling are launched.


Bub bath additive is launched. The product creates a new market as a tablet-type effervescent bath additive that makes use of carbon dioxide gas to stimulate blood circulation.

Merries baby diapers are launched as a new type of disposable diaper derived from the development of various new processing technologies and functional materials such as super water-absorbent polymers, non-woven sheets, and breathable sheets.

Bioré U body wash is launched. The new product drives growth in the body shampoo market, where it becomes the top-selling brand.

Kao (Taiwan) Corporation launches Laurier sanitary napkins. The product is later launched throughout Asia.


Able to deliver powerful cleansing power with just one-fourth the volume of conventional detergents thanks to its use of innovative biotechnologies, the new product becomes an explosive hit among consumers and makes detergent history.

Attack compact laundry detergent is launched.


Attack is launched overseas for the first time in Singapore. The product is later launched throughout Asia.


Sifone two-in-one shampoo is launched in Singapore.



Aube line of cosmetics is launched.

Quickle Wiper for flooring, a household cleaning implement, is launched. The new product gains broad acceptance among consumers for making cleaning easier.


Bioré brand skin care products are launched in the U.S. The products are later launched throughout Europe and North America.

KATE by Kanebo Cosmetics Inc. is launched.


Econa Cooking Oil, a cooking oil that is formulated to help prevent the accumulation of fat deposits in the body, is launched. The new product becomes the first cooking oil to be approved as a Food for Specified Health Use by Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (Surrenders Food for Specified Health Use certification in October 2009).

Curél, a skin care brand for dry and sensitive skin, is launched.



Attack-microparticles, a detergent featuring a fast-dissolving formula with a high level of cleansing power, is launched.

Elumen hair color incorporating new technology is launched by Goldwell, salon exclusive brand in Germany.


Healthya Green Tea, an approved Food for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU) with concentrated tea catechin content to stimulate the consumption of body fat as a source of energy, is launched.

Asience, a premium hair care products brand, is launched.


Brilliant Brunette is launched in the U.S. by the John Frieda brand of hair care products.

Family CuCute, a dishwashing detergent that removes stains upon rinsing and makes dishwashing more enjoyable, is launched.


Jergens Natural Glow is launched in the U.S. as a completely new concept in skin care.


Attack Easy, a hand-washing laundry detergent, is launched in Thailand.


Coffret d'Or, a total makeup brand, is launched by Kanebo Cosmetics Inc.

MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask, a product that introduces the new self-care practice of using gentle warm steam to relieve tired eyes and support deep relaxation, is launched.


Sofina Beauté, a new brand of basic skin care cosmetics, is launched.

Sofina Primavista, a new brand of base makeup, is launched.

Blauné Hair Color Foam, a new concept that uses foam to dye gray hair, is launched.


With the world's first 2.5x ultra-concentrated formula, the new product delivers a new level of environmentally friendly performance requiring just one rinse cycle.

Attack Neo liquid detergent for clothes is launched.



In China, water-saving liquid detergent Attack Instant Clean Liquid, using technology developed for Attack Neo for the Japanese market, is launched.

Bioré u Hand Sanitizing Spray Sukitto Guard is launched. Designated as a quasi-drug, it quickly disinfects hands by killing invisible germs.


Bioré Skin Care Facial Foam, featuring new cleansing technology SPT (Skin Purifying Technology) is launched.


Merries Shun Shuang Tou Qi (extra dry), disposable diapers for babies for the Chinese market and is produced at a new plant in Hefei City, Anhui Province, China, is launched.


Prestige brand SOFINA iP, which embraces Holistic Beauty Science, is launched.


Prestige brand KANEBO by Kanebo Cosmetics Inc. is launched.


Attack ZERO is launched. This concentrated liquid laundry detergent is formulated with sustainable detergent base Bio IOS as its main ingredient.

Quickle Joan, a non-alcohol disinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs* , is launched. The fermented lactic acid in the formula, derived from lactic acid bacteria, provides 24 hours of antibacterial protection.

* It does not eliminate 100% of all bacteria.

BIOMIMESIS VEIL is launched by brands est and SENSAI. It incorporates Fine Fiber Technology that reinvents skin care.



MyKirei by KAO is launched in the U.S. This brand promotes a Kirei Lifestyle.

NEWTLAC 5000 is launched. It is a highly durable, eco-friendly asphalt modifier made from discarded PET materials through proprietary processing.

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