Sustainability as the only path

Promoting the Kirei Lifestyle Plan, our ESG strategy, to work towards a sustainable and enriched society.


In Action

Read about Kao’s efforts to realize a sustainable and enriched society.

A Kirei Lifestyle means living a beautiful life inside and out.

Our ESG Strategy is designed to serve people’s needs, behaviors and desire to live sustainable lifestyles that contribute to a sustainable world. We call this the Kirei Lifestyle, and we call the vision, commitments and actions that contribute to that lifestyle the Kirei Lifestyle Plan. Kao will strive to create a long-lasting impact to society through this strategy.

Our ESG Strategy – Kirei Lifestyle Plan

Since our business was founded in 1887, we have always put our consumers at the heart of everything we do. Today, this remains the foundation of Kao’s corporate philosophy, underpinning all of our activities. Every bold innovation, thoughtful new product and breakthrough action is in service of our consumers’ needs.

Our Environmental, Social and Governance actions are no different. We have committed to enhancing our contribution to society through a renewed focus on ESG. And our ESG strategy is in service to our consumers’ needs, behaviors, and desires to live sustainable lifestyle that contribute to a more sustainable world.

Kao’s Environmental Activities

For everything from selecting materials to waste disposal, Kao strives for eco-friendly Yoki-Monozukuri.

Corporate Citizenship Activities

We make contributions as a corporate citizen to realize a better, more sustainable society.

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