Responsibly Sourced Raw Materials

Source our raw materials in a more sustainable way that protects natural resources, the environment, safety and human rights through supply chain traceability and dialogue with suppliers.

ESG keyword

  • ESG procurement
  • Ensuring traceability
  • Sustainable procurement of palm oil and palm kernel oil
  • Public disclosure of mill list
  • Support for small oil palm farms
  • Sustainable procurement of paper and pulp
  • Use of Sedex
  • Kao vendor summits
  • Grievance mechanism
  • Procurement-related guidelines

Policies and Guidelines for Procurement

Kao conducts purchasing with fairness, legal compliance and the highest ethics.

Chart of Policies and Guidelines for Procurement: Under “Policies for Procurement,” there are “Partnership Requirements for Suppliers,” which Kao requires suppliers to comply with as partners, and “ESG Promotion Activities with Suppliers,” which Kao implements together with suppliers. There is also “High-Risk Supply Chain Management and Sourcing,” which stipulates sustainable procurement of natural resources based on “ESG Promotion Activities with Suppliers.”

Chart of Policies and Guidelines for Procurement

Palm Oil Dashboard

Introducing Kao’s activities for sustainable palm oil procurement

Contact Desk for Raw and Packaging Materials and Equipment Proposals

We actively seek a broad range of proposals for new and environmentally-conscious raw and packaging materials and equipment.

Contributions to the SDGs

Looking ahead to 2030, Kao is focused on the SDGs that have been agreed upon and adopted by the international community. As indicators for realizing a sustainable society, the SDGs set forth an integrated approach for improving the economy, society and the environment. Contributions by companies are considered extremely important to achieving the SDGs.
As indicated below, we are working to address the Kao Action topics set in the Kao ESG Commitments and Actions with the aim of achieving the SDGs.

Corresponding Sustainable Development Goals

SDGs GOAL 8:Decent work and Economic Growth

SDGs GOAL 10:Reduce Inequalities

SDGs GOAL 12:Responsible Consumption and Production

SDGs GOAL 15:Life on Land

SDGs GOAL 17:Partnerships for the Goals

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