Safety Standards for Household Products

Kao Group’s household products safety standards have been established aiming at providing highest level of “safety and security” for customers.

We do not release products until we secure sufficient safety of the products. This is achieved by rigorous three-step safety evaluation processes during the product development stage and two holistic and final check processes before the product’s release.

Nevertheless, unanticipated issues might still arise despite our rigorous safety evaluation processes. Through our two-step product safety assurance processes for post-launch products, we continuously monitor product’s safety. When detecting the occurrence of unexpected safety concern event, we give highest priority and take prompt and appropriate action in order to secure consumer’s safety.

Kao Group continues to comply with safety standards and secure high-level of safety.

Diagram of safety standards for household products. There are three safety evaluation steps in the product development stage, two integrated confirmation steps before product release and two steps to assure product safety after release.

Integrated confirmation before product release

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