Compliance / Integrity

Acting as an honest, clean and virtuous corporate citizen

Kao Group companies conduct corporate activities as honest, clean and virtuous corporate citizens based on ethical principles and mere compliance with the law while seeking the support of society at large.

The principle of integrity, passed down from our founder, is one of the core values of our corporate philosophy, the Kao Way. We define integrity as acting lawfully and ethically and conducting fair and honest business activities. Kao regards integrity as the starting point of compliance and positions it as the foundation for earning the respect and trust of all stakeholders.

To practice integrity in daily business, we have defined the following three priorities areas of activity, which we are promoting throughout the global Kao Group.

  1. Establish and revise the Kao Business Conduct Guidelines (BCG) and other internal compliance-related guidelines
  2. Set up and operate compliance hotlines to enable early discovery and resolution of legal and ethical violations
  3. Conduct educational activities to promote each employee's understanding of the BCG
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