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Foundations of Kao's ESG Commitment

This is the foundation that supports the three pillars of My Kirei Lifestyle: "Making my everyday more beautiful," "Making thoughtful choices for society," and "Making the world healthier & cleaner." We will promote the following seven Kao Actions so that all Kao employees can walk the right path at all times, and by conducting our business activities with sincerity and integrity, we will help people around the world lead beautiful lives.

Walking the Right Path


We will steadily implement our ESG Strategy by examining our corporate governance system whenever necessary, and conducting fair and honest business activities while acting in accordance with laws and ethics and responding to changes in society. All of this will contribute to creating a global presence for Kao.


We believe that enhancing product transparency and communicating accurate information about our products, in ways that are appropriate and easy to understand, is essential to have people make the right choices and lead comfortable lives.
We disclose information in a timely manner through our websites and various opportunities to engage with stakeholders.


We support and respect international rules relating to human rights, and have developed the Kao Human Rights Policy, which is based on the United Nations (UN) Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We are implementing initiatives aimed at realizing zero human rights violations in every aspect of our corporate activities. The Kao Human Rights Policy was approved by the company's Management Committee and disclosed in 2015.


We firmly believe that the vitality and synergy derived from diversity drives our business developments. We therefore strive to create an environment and culture where each of our employees is able to maximize their talents and individuality, and both individuals and company can develop.


Optimistic, energetic employees (what we refer to as "GENKI employees") are the foundation of Kao's business activities. We as a company are only as strong as the health of our employees.
In order for our GENKI employees to dedicate themselves to meaningful societal activities, we are striving to put in place an environment which, as far as possible, mitigates or allays the concerns of employees who are suffering from illness or injury or who are restricted in the types of work that they can perform. By caring for our employees in this way, we allow our talent to fulfill their potential.


Employees are a company's most important asset. Aiming to draw out the unlimited potential that every employee possesses to generate immense vitality, and utilize this vitality to the maximum possible extent as an organization. We strive to create an environment and a corporate culture in which both individuals and the company grow together through successful completion of work and making positive contributions to society.


We appropriately manage chemicals using science-based risk assessment and risk management procedures across the entire product lifecycle from development, production and use through to disposal, aiming to minimize their significant adverse effects on human health and the environment. We will promote responsible chemicals management and contribute to the sustainability of society based on the Kirei Lifestyle Plan (KLP).

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