Kao believes that high-quality academic endeavor and educational activities are essential for nurturing a culturally rich society for future generations. Kao supports students by offering educational materials through our business, factory visits and experiment seminars hosted by our researchers. In addition, we support international cultural exchange and environmental education by participating in overseas field research projects for teachers.

Supporting Science Education

Kao supports activities in science education in Japan unique to a company that offers consumer products using chemical components, including sponsoring a science and technology competition for high school students.

Education Program

Kao aims to support development of children's "skills for living" in Japan and some Asian countries and regions by offering education programs connected to the fields of "cleanliness", "health" and "environment", all core themes for Kao.

Water and Sanitation Project for Schools in Vietnam

In cooperation with United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), Kao supports water-hygiene activities, including the establishment of good hygiene practices, installation and improvement of hygiene facilities, and development of teachers and community leaders in mountainous and farming areas where environmental hygiene is yet to be established.

Menstrual Hygiene Management Project in Indonesia

Kao is partnering with the Japan Committee for UNICEF in the Menstrual Hygiene Management Project in support of UNICEF's program in Indonesia for the purpose of having children in Indonesia learn correct information about menstrual hygiene management, develop proper hygiene management practices, and lead healthy lives during the stage of puberty.

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