Aiming to make our plastic packaging fully recyclable

Kao's latest innovation in this field is film-based packaging that will eliminate the use of rigid plastic bottles. Additionally, we are now seeking to make our plastic containers and packages fully recyclable.

Our Approach to Packaging

Kao's commitment to creating a better future for people and the planet is the driving force behind our efforts to minimize the environmental impact of our products. In addition to developing refill and replacement products, we are constantly seeking ways to reduce the amount of plastic used in our product containers and packaging.

Making Products More Compact

Reducing volume by making products more concentrated has led to products that are more compact. The development of bottles with thin but protective walls has helped reduce the use of plastic.

Refill and Replacement Products

The development of products that encourage consumers to use refill packs and replacement parts has also helped to greatly reduce plastic consumption. Kao continues to create product containers that can be easily refilled by anyone.

Accelerating the Replacement of Plastic Bottles with Innovative Film Packaging

Kao has developed new packaging made from thin layers of film that can be inflated like a swim ring and used like a bottle. Air is injected between the layers to inflate the film and give the packaging its shape. The amount of plastic used has been decreased so it is the same as the amount used in a refill pack, which is much less than the amount used in a conventional bottle. With this new design, consumers can skip refilling containers and can use every drop of product, meaning nothing goes to waste. This new film packaging will be introduced in stages,starting with Kao's new brand MyKirei by KAO.*

  • * MyKirei by KAO embodies the Kirei Lifestyle, the sustainable lifestyle that Kao seeks to deliver to consumers. Following its launch in the United States, the brand will become available in other regions.

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