Saving Future Lives from Dengue Fever, an Infectious Disease Spread by Mosquitoes

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In Southeast Asia, Dengue fever, an infectious disease spread by mosquito bites, is a social problem that threatens the lives of people, particularly children.
Kao has therefore developed a new repellent technology that alters the skin's surface to give it properties disliked by mosquitoes so preventing them from staying on the skin.
In addition to setting up a system to deliver this technology to those who need it, we have launched initiatives to reduce the damage caused by Dengue fever, initially in Thailand, in collaboration with government, industry, and academia.
To make their lives mosquito bite free, we are promoting these initiatives to protect future lives from Dengue fever under the name of "GUARD OUR FUTURE" project.

Symbolic Product of the Project

Bioré GUARD Mos Block Serum*

Bioré GUARD Mos Block Serum

"Mos Protection Skin Shield" provides a serum for blocking mosquitoes by innovating a unique formula that can expand widely and provide coverage on skin, as if having protection skin shield to protect from mosquitoes.

  • The product protects against mosquitoes without being sticky and is as comfortable to apply as serum*
  • It can be used anywhere, anytime and everyday
  • The product formula uses natural citronella oil
  • DEET-free
  • * Serum is a kind of product texture. It does not convey concentration, penetration, and it is not a cosmetic product.

【Amount of content / Price】 50g / 69THB
【Date and region of launch】 June 2022, in Thailand.
There are currently no plans to launch this product in Japan.

Introduction of Our Initiatives

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