Compactification of Products

Enhancing product performance and making products compact reduces the amount of product needed per use, cuts consumption of materials and energy during the production stage, and reduces the amount of waste generated after products are used.

Powder laundry detergent Attack - launched in 1987 - is a prime example of such compact products. Compact laundry detergent has now become the mainstream product. Attack is 50% lighter and package volume 70% smaller compared with pre-compact detergents (on a per use basis). The compactification of products has made it possible to reduce plastic by more than 60,000 tons (as of December 2021).

In April 2019, Kao launched concentrated liquid laundry detergent Attack ZERO. Since product weight and container volume can be reduced when concentration is higher, this helps reduce CO2 emissions during distribution. Compared to existing product Attack Biogel, the product weight of Attack ZERO is 54% lighter and package volume has been reduced by 52%. Furthermore, Attack ZERO, which uses new cleaning ingredient "Bio IOS", requires just one rinse cycle, which not only reduces environmental impact thanks to compact packaging but also helps cut CO2 emissions because less water and electricity are used.

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