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Package Development Based on the 4Rs

Package Development

In our efforts to develop products that further minimize the burden placed on the environment, Kao pursues research and development on containers and packaging according to the "4Rs" (Reduce, Replace, Reuse, and Recycle) in the package development field.

To reduce materials use, we strive to create products that are as lightweight as possible by making the bottle walls thinner and developing other innovative container designs. We also work to make our products more concentrated and compact so that we can use smaller containers, thereby also reducing the amount of packaging materials used.

We are replacing petroleum-derived plastics to more sustainable materials such as bio-based plastic, recycled plastics, and paper as we overcome the technological challenges they face.

To promote container reuse among consumers, we actively develop packages which can be refillable or packages which are reusable if partially replaced. We design packs of various kinds optimized in light of the product contents and bottle shape to make them easier for customers to handle.

Our recycling efforts include the active introduction and use of recycled paper, plastic, and other materials. The cartons and instructions that come with Attack laundry detergent and many other Kao products are made of recycled paper. Similarly, the plastic measuring scoops included in our laundry detergents are made of recycled polypropylene (PP) plastic.


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