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Kao's SAICM Promotion Activities

Kao's SAICM promotion activities

The Kao Group handles a wide range of chemicals in manufacturing of its consumer and industrial products, and has actively promoted sound chemicals management for a long period of time. To achieve safer and more appropriate use of chemicals, Kao has been promoting and enhancing its chemicals management in accordance with the internationally harmonized management approach, SAICM. The Kao Group conducts its SAICM promotion activities based on the following 3 priority items.

1. Risk assessment

We prioritize chemicals produced and/or used at Kao considering the amount of production and use, application, etc., and assess the risk of human health and the environment. Based on the results of assessment, Kao aims at pursuing appropriate chemicals management.

2. Lifecycle management (management highlighting on production, logistics, etc.)

We assess the risk of chemicals on the health of residents and the environment near the production site or at work place in our factories where the chemicals are handled. Kao aims at pursuing the safer manufacturing and use of chemicals in the production and logistics stages.

3. Risk communication

We disclose the safety information of chemicals obtained from our risk assessments, and make communication with people concerned. Based on risk communication, Kao aims at developing relation of mutual trust through mutual understanding of risk information.

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