Q&A on SAICM/GFC and Chemicals Management


Why does Kao promote its SAICM activities?


We believe safe and appropriate use of chemicals is extremely important, and that is why we promote our SAICM activities. The goal of SAICM is to minimize the risk of chemicals in production and use by 2020. Towards this goal, Kao carries out assessment of the human health and environmental risk of chemicals used at Kao considering their purpose of use, and promotes disclosure of the assessment results and enhancement of its own appropriate chemicals management. This is Kao’s way to contribute to the global society.


What is the risk of chemicals? Can’t you just use non-hazardous chemicals?


Risk of chemicals is the possibility of undesirable (harmful) effects on human health or the environment caused by chemicals. There are no chemicals with no risk. Even if the chemical has a very low hazard (such as salt), taking in a large quantity will cause a significant damage to human health. It is important to appropriately manage and use chemicals with taking into account their usefulness and risk at the same time.


How do you assess the risk of work environment at factories that handle chemicals and their risk on the surrounding environment?


Kao promotes assessment of chemicals on their risk at work sites and to the surrounding environment, as part of its risk assessment scheme. If a potential risk is indicated, appropriate risk management measures are taken for the purpose of establishing safer work environment and reducing harmful effects to the surrounding environment (for instance, additional installation of local exhaust system, ensured use of personal protective equipment by workers, and leak prevention measures of chemicals in case of disasters).


Risk communication? What do you actually do?


Risk communication of chemicals is an activity to share information on the risk of chemicals with people who are concerned with chemicals. We aim at enhancing appropriate management of chemicals through adequate communication with relevant people based on the latest risk information of chemicals.


Will the results of risk assessment be disclosed?


Results of risk assessment will be disclosed on the product information section of Kao Chemicals website in the form of safety summary, as they become available.

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