Kao’s Risk Assessment Policy on Chemicals

Risk assessment is judgment of the risks from chemicals.
Kao has established a 5-part basic policy for conducting on chemicals risk assessment.

1. Scientific risk assessment methods

Risk assessment methods based on the latest international trends and scientific grounds are used.

2. Effective utilization of existing safety information

Existing safety information that is available to us is utilized as much as possible. If the information is inadequate, then extra supplementary safety data will be obtained.

3. Ensuring the reliability of safety information

The reliability of safety information used in risk assessment is comprehensively evaluated and maintained at a high level.

4. Assessment by categorization

Chemicals with similar properties or structures are assessed in one category (group). This is done to avoid acquisition of redundant safety information, aiming at effective and efficient risk assessment.

5. Step-wise risk assessment

Risk assessment is carried out in stages depending on the quality and quantity of available safety information.

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