Basic Policy on Biodiversity

Kao aspires to create a Kirei life for all, where people and the planet can enjoy a cleaner, more beautiful, and healthier life. To this end, we always strive to minimize our dependence and impact on nature and biodiversity, while responsibly maximizing the benefit they provide.

Our business activities benefit from biodiversity such as natural resources and water it produces, in all cycles of our products including the procurement of raw materials, production, distribution, sales, use, and disposal. Meanwhile, Kao is impacting biodiversity in a variety of ways, such as through use of natural fats and oils, water used for production and wastewater discharge, disposal and incineration of packaging materials. We are deeply aware of the importance of halting and reversing biodiversity loss and achieving full recovery of nature.

This Basic Policy on Biodiversity provides fundamental principles that guide us to implement our business activities with due consideration paid to biodiversity. Based on this Policy, we will further promote actions to protect and restore biodiversity, and regenerate nature, thereby contribute to the realization of a future in which we can live in harmony with nature.

  1. Identify our business’s dependence and impact on biodiversity across our value chain.
  2. Minimize the impact of our business activities on biodiversity.
  3. Develop and implement innovative technologies to enable sustainable use of the benefits nature provides.
  4. Comply with relevant international agreements.
  5. Conduct business activities without damaging the local ecosystem.
  6. Raise awareness about biodiversity in and outside the company, and share information on biodiversity across all stakeholders to maximize the effects of collaboration.
  7. Collaborate with external stakeholders to take actions to protect and restore biodiversity, and regenerate nature.
  8. Aim for a harmonious coexistence of people, nature and chemicals.

April 8, 2022

Yoshihiro Hasebe
President and Chief Executive Officer

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