Developing Cucute and Bath Magiclean

Washes away dirt in less time using less water

Water has a vital role to play in everyday household tasks such as washing dishes or cleaning the bathroom. Kao is helping to conserve water via its products that clean and rinse using small amounts of water.

Breeze through cleaning while conserving water

Kao thinks that cleaning tasks generally viewed as troublesome and time consuming can actually cultivate a deep sense of satisfaction, while also lowering environmental impact.
Based on this, Kao aimed to find a balance between foaming ability and rinsing ability. After repeated testing, the output was a cleaning system that foams well yet washes away in no time. This met Kao’s requirement for high cleansing power with reduced water consumption.

Testing bubble dissipation speeds

While aiming to create a detergent with very noticeable, high-speed grease removal capabilities, we developed a new wash formula for use in our Cucute dishwashing detergent. Grease will not re-adhere to dishes, and the user can clearly feel how quickly everything rinses away while washing. Due to the detergent’s high foam density, quick bubble dissipation rate, and easy rinsing ability, it is possible to reduce the amount of water used during dishwashing by 20%.

Checking rinsing capabilities in the test kitchen

Kao took into consideration the degree of dirtiness and cleaning styles while analyzing the composition of Bath Magiclean bathroom cleaner. Seeking a balance between rinsing speed and the ability to wash away dirt without needing to scrub, Kao’s unique foam control technology has enabled faster foam rinsing and a reduction of approximately 10% in the amount of water used during rinsing.

Checking rinsing conditions in the test bathtub

Realizing that many people are attuned to the idea of saving water in everyday household chores, Kao continues to develop environmentally friendly high-performance cleaning products that foster genuine satisfaction as well.

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