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Using Renewable Energy


Actively incorporating renewable electricity and lowering CO2 emissions

Climate change has become a major global issue. As such, the Kao Group is working to reduce the environmental impact of our production and distribution bases worldwide by installing solar panels, purchasing zero CO2 emissions electricity, and introducing energy-saving equipment.

Promoting the introduction of solar panels at production and distribution bases worldwide

In Japan, the Kao Group's largest mega solar power generator (2845 KW capacity) was installed at the Sakata Plant, alongside solar panels that have also been introduced at the Tochigi, Toyohashi, Ehime and Kawasaki Plants, as well as at the Sumida Kita Logistics Center and Atsugi Logistics Center.
Furthermore, we have introduced solar power generation at our production bases and offices in Kao Industrial Thailand, Kao Penang Group (Malaysia), Pilippinas Kao (Philippines), Kao Corporation Shanghai, Kao (Taiwan) Corporation, Kao USA Inc., Kao Chimigraf (Spain), Kao Austria, PT. Kao Indonesia Chemicals, Kao Corporation S.A. (Spain) and Quimi-Kao, C.V. (Mexico). As a result, as at June 1, 2022, we were able to generate 8.8 MWh of electricity in-house through our solar panels across Kao worldwide.

Actively incorporating renewable electricity

We are also actively working to purchase more renewable electricity. In 2015, Molton Brown UK, in 2016, Kao Germany and Kao Chemicals Germany managed to fulfill their electricity needs with 100% renewable energy. In 2019, Kao Spain, Kao Chimigraf (Spain), and Kao USA also joined this trend, making all of our main European and US production sites completely powered by renewable electricity. As at January 2022, 100% of our electricity purchased in Japan across 9 out of its 10 factories, and across all logistics centres was sourced via renewable energy. Kao will work toward the goal of purchasing 100% renewable electricity in Japan by 2023, and 2025 globally.

We will continue to work to switch to 100% renewable energy use by 2030.


Kao Chemicals Germany has been purchasing renewable electricity since 2016


Kao's Sakata Plant introduced the largest solar power generator within Kao in 2021

Kao will continue to actively promote the use of renewable energy worldwide.

At the Atsugi Logistics Center, which began operations in 2013, we have introduced solar power generation and switched to using LEDs in all of the lighting. Atsugi Logistics Center earned the A ranking of CASBEE Kanagawa (Kanagawa Prefecture's Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency) by actively reducing overall environmental impact such as Exterior Insulation and Heat Shielding Pavement.


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