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Water-Based Inkjet Ink Applying Kao's Pigment Nano Dispersion Technology

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Kao has been pursuing advanced inkjet colorant technology to realize inkjet printing of high reliability, high speed and high quality. We have developed inkjet colorants made from pigment that is encapsulated with specially designed functional polymer for use in water-based inkjet ink.

Moreover, by applying an original "pigment nano-dispersion technology," we succeeded in developing a water-based pigmented inkjet ink for use on flexible packaging film media, featuring an environmentally friendly VOC-free design (minimizing emissions of volatile organic compounds). This breakthrough has made it possible to achieve high-quality printing on flexible packaging film while reducing the impact on the environment.

Kao's pigment nano dispersion technology offers the following advantages:

  1. good jetting stability
  2. uniform dot formation (prevents aggregation of colorant during drying)
  3. compatibility with wide range of inks (maintains stability in both hydrophilic and hydrophobic co-solvent)

Kao will continue offering people-friendly, earth-friendly eco-printing solutions through the development of advanced inkjet ink and colorant technology to contribute to the richness and color of daily life.


Inkjet printing on flexible packaging film material using water-based ink


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