Compliance Hotlines

Compliance is the cornerstone of our company’s existence. In addition, in the event that a violation of law, the Kao Business Conduct Guidelines (Corporate Code of Conduct) or other internal policy, or ethics occurs, it is also important to deal with it effectively so as not to aggravate or prolong the issue.

If you discover or suspect that an action taken by a Kao Group company or its employee violates or may violate the law, the Kao Business Conduct Guidelines (Corporate Code of Conduct) or other internal policy, or ethics, please contact the Compliance Hotline below.

In order to make it easier for everyone to use the reporting/consultation system, the Rules for Operating Compliance Hotlines has been implemented from January 2020. Such rules provide transparency on how reports are handled and give structure to the overall operation of the hotline. Please find the link below for the scope of our Kao Group companies.

Scope of Users

The Compliance Hotline below is available not only for employees of Kao Group companies but also for dispatched employees working on our premises, business partners and other third parties to use. “Employees of Kao Group companies” shall mean all executives and employees (including employees who have retired during the past year) of Kao Corporation and affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as the “Kao Group”) to which the Kao Business Conduct Guidelines (BCG) apply.

Flow chart showing the process of reporting/consultation:

[Operating Policy of Compliance Hotline]

  • When we receive a report or consultation during business hours, we reply to the reporter with a confirmation of receipt, in principle by the following business day and confirm the request for a response.
  • When we receive a report or consultation, unless there is a justifiable reason, we will conduct the necessary investigation after obtaining the consent of the reporter. However, if the content of the report is beneficial to the public or is important for the Kao Group, it is possible to carry out the investigation without the consent of the reporter.
  • We protect the privacy of the reporter and the confidentiality of the fact we received by the report and the content thereof, excluding cases where disclosure is necessary for proper investigation.
  • The reporter shall not be retaliated against or otherwise be treated unfavorably for making a report in good faith. In case there is a possibility that the reporter may be retaliated against or otherwise be treated unfavorably, we will take measures to prevent such behavior, such as obtaining signed pledges from the people interviewed.
  • Kao Group’s measures taken as a result of a report/consultation will be conveyed to the reporter, if appropriate. We shall follow up with the reporter after completion of an investigation, as necessary to protect the reporter, to confirm that the reporter is not being treated unfairly as a result of having made a report/consultation.
  • Kao Group does not tolerate threats to prevent a potential reporter from reporting/consulting with the Compliance Hotlines, retaliations against a reporter, or efforts at obstructing an investigation.
  • Reporters are encouraged to disclose their names. Kao Group Compliance Hotlines accept anonymous reports. However, it might not be possible to fully investigate the matter in case of an anonymous report or provide feedback to the reporter.

Compliance Hotline

[Kao Compliance Hotline]

14-10, Nihonbashi Kayabacho 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
103-8210, Japan
Compliance, Legal
Kao Corporation

How to make a report/consultation

We shall accept your report/consultation to hotline in two ways: by postal mail and via email. We have prepared a form for a report/consultation that describes the necessary items, so please check the form below.

Report/consultation Form

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