Kao Business Conduct Guidelines

The Kao Group shall strive to be an honest and exemplary company driven by a fundamental adherence to ethical principles that go beyond mere compliance with laws to earn the true respect of all stakeholders.
The Kao Business Conduct Guidelines provide specific guidance on how to put the Kao Way into practice that is applicable to all Kao Group companies worldwide, including all executive and employees thereof. In order to promote compliance activities widely, the Kao Group is actively encouraging its business partners to comply with the spirit of the fundamental rule relating to fair and honest transactions and other relevant provisions of the Kao Business Conduct Guidelines.


To all executives and employees of Kao Group companies

Kao Business Conduct Guidelines: Objectives

Kao Business Conduct Guidelines

Principles of Corporate Ethics

Fundamental Rules

  1. Develop and Offer Safe and High Quality Products and Services, and Strive for the Resolution of Social Issues
  2. Thoroughly Consider the Environment and Safety
  3. Conduct Fair, Honest and Appropriate Transactions
  4. Respect Human Rights through Company Activities
  5. Respect Employees’ Diversity, and Maximize Their Potential
  6. Disclose Corporate Information Actively, Effectively and Fairly, Engage in Constructive Dialogue with Stakeholders, and Enhance Corporate Value
  7. Contribute to the Enrichment of Society through Activities that Make a Social Contribution
  8. Conduct Thorough and Organized Crisis Management Activities to Address Risks Relating to Natural Disasters, Cyberattacks, Terrorism, Antisocial Acts and Other Crises
  9. Executives and Managers’ Responsibility to Take the Lead in Complying with the Kao Business Conduct Guidelines, Be Good Role Models for all Employees and to Communicate the Kao Business Conduct Guidelines to their Members

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