Kao Business Conduct Guidelines Casebook

This casebook introduces hypothetical cases to illustrate the conduct and decision-making that the Kao Group expects of employees.


  • CASE 1 Which data should we use?
  • CASE 2 What should I do when I learn there may be a possible safety or quality problem with our product?
  • CASE 3 In procurement, are price and quality the only priorities?
  • CASE 4 What should we pay attention to in meeting with Kao's competitors at an industry association conference?
  • CASE 5 Is it appropriate to pay a small amount of money personally to government officials to speed up customs procedures?
  • CASE 6 Is it acceptable for me to work excessive overtime so long as I am content?
  • CASE 7 Is it sometimes necessary to severely reprimand a subordinate in front of other members?
  • CASE 8 Is it acceptable to repeatedly request a junior staff member to dinner after work so that you can go over work achievements even if she declined your invitation to after work dinners in the past?
  • CASE 9 Who reported me?
  • CASE 10 Can I expense entertainment that was provided this year during next year?
  • CASE 11 Can I talk about information of the Company that has not been released yet at home?
  • CASE 12 I would like to post an explanation to alleviate misunderstanding of Kao’s products on social media...
  • CASE 13 Can I use an illustration on the Internet freely without permission?
  • CASE 14 Do I have to provide non-public information that I obtained during my work at a previous company?
  • CASE 15 Can I use the photographs of panelists’ faces taken in a consumer product test for hair care products for skin care product development?
  • CASE 16 Can I share my homophobic comments and jokes with my co-workers if everyone enjoys them and they are never intended to hurt or harm?
  • CASE 17 Does the Company have responsibility regarding the working conditions of contractors at its facilities?
  • CASE 18 Can I take home a stuffed animal that was created for a sales promotion?
  • CASE 19 My spouse works for a competitor. Can I share confidential information of my Company with him/her?
  • CASE 20 What should I do when I found a violation of rules at the workplace?
  • CASE 21 What should I do if a transaction is about to start between a company managed by a family member and a Kao Group company?
  • CASE 22 What is meant by a “clean” relationship with government officials?
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