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Analytical Technology to Ensure High Packaging Quality

Package Development

Kao's products come in many different kinds of containers. Dispenser containers, such as shampoo bottles with pumps and bathtub cleaner bottles with sprayers, consist of many parts that have complicated structures. Because these parts must work together to provide the designed performance properly, technologies for analyzing the fitting between bottle and cap, and the dynamism of the action of pumps are essential elements that help to maintain overall product quality. Kao uses dynamic X-rays to trace the movement of invisible parts and liquid flow in real time, and an X-ray CT scan system to clearly and non-destructively observe the fitting between parts and to pinpoint any defects, with the aim of improving container quality.

All packaging requires different kinds of strengths, such as adequate gripping strength in use, and strength to prevent distortion by withstanding compression and impacts during transport and storage. Although environmental concerns have increased demand for thinner, more compact containers, strength cannot be maintained if container thickness is merely made thinner. Therefore, we conduct strength analyses using the finite element method in every phase of the container design process to determine optimum shape. Through these efforts, we create high-performance containers characterized by optimal resin type and amount, and shape.


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