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Ever since the Laurier brand was launched in 1978, our goal at Kao has been for women to feel as fresh and carefree during their menstrual periods as at any other time. In this segment, the driving spirit behind Kao’s R&D is a relentless quest for ever greater comfort and peace of mind.

By conducting a survey on women’s activities and sources of dissatisfaction during their periods, Kao discovered that more than 70% of women had experienced skin discomfort during their periods. Armed with this information, we launched a new product development effort aimed at improving the dermal environment for the users of sanitary products. To eliminate discomfort from wetness, stuffiness, and friction, we developed a topsheet using our Super Absorbent F Fiber -a new material based on Kao’s proprietary non-woven sheet technology-and minimized the surface area in direct contact with the skin. We also incorporated the findings of joint research with dermatologists and quantitative measurements to monitor the relevant dermal environment. In this way we developed Laurier Shiawase Suhada (Laurier Healthy Skin), a revolutionary feminine care product designed to eliminate skin stress.

More recently, Kao’s non-woven sheet R&D has given rise to another new material, our Dry Suction Sheet. With the help of a topsheet made from this new material, Laurier now offers greater comfort and peace of mind than ever before. This Dry Suction Sheet, with the use of special fibers that lie apart from each other, allows for menstrual fluid to pass through at more than twice the speed of our previous non-woven topsheet.

At Kao we continue working to develop and improve our feminine care products from the vantage point of the women who use them, to ensure that Laurier remains the brand women know they can trust.

Dry Suction Sheet

Absorption performance of Dry Suction Sheet

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