CuCute Dishwashing Detergent: Cleanness You Can Feel with Your Fingertips

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There are various types of dishwashing detergents, including those with antibacterial and high formability features. However, according to our surveys the most desired characteristic in dishwashing detergents is the effective loosening of greasy dirt from the dishes. We therefore focused on the speed with which dishes become clean, as a way to give our customers an immediate sense of the cleaning power of our products. In doing so, we discovered new cleaning components that fulfill this purpose. These components quickly emulsify oil and prevent greasy dirt from reattaching to the dishes in the water, leaving them squeaky clean after rinsing. The result is cleaning power that can be felt directly with the fingertips. Kao will continue to develop excellent detergents that make dishwashing more enjoyable.

Dispersion of greasy dirt

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