Kao Museum

The Kao Museum introduces visitors to the cultural history of cleanliness and reveals the Yoki-Monozukuri* spirit that has sustained Kao for over a century.

Kao Museum, located at the Sumida office in Sumida Ward in Tokyo, has been completed and is now open to the public. The museum offers Kao employees and the public at large insights into transformations that have shaped the culture of cleanliness through museum displays of artifacts collected over Kao's long history of intimate involvement in the culture of cleanliness and in Kao's pursuit of cleanliness in people's daily lives. The museum features messages from Kao's founders, information on the past and present of our company, and displays of the latest Kao products born of the Yoki-Monozukuri commitment. We welcome your visit to the Kao Museum.

  • * We define Yoki-Monozukuri as "a strong commitment by all members to provide products and brands of excellent value for consumer satisfaction."

Exhibit Overview

Kao Museum vestibule

The museum is divided into three exhibition zones.

1. The Culture of Cleanliness

This zone explores the lifestyles of people from ancient times up until the modern age from a perspective of cleanliness, and it delves into topics for each era including practices of cleanliness related to bathing, laundry, household cleaning, and cosmetics. Exhibits here include dioramas and interactive touch-screen displays that are sure to provide an enjoyable as well as educational visit.

A space displaying cleanliness related lifestyle functions from ancient Mesopotamia to Japan's Edo period (1603-1868)

The Showa period (1926-89) corner recreates in evocative life-size part of an old public housing block apartment 

2. Kao History

This zone outlines the history of Kao from the launch of Kao Sekken toiletry soap in 1890 until today. Exhibits include Kao artifacts that have helped enrich the lives of people through the Yoki-Monozukuri commitment and that have contributed to industrial growth. Here you will also find various products, advertisements, and posters from Kao's past.

The continuous Innovation:
displays and images portraying Kao's progress

Vibrantly reflecting the times in posters and advertisements

3. Communication Plaza

This zone is an area where you can learn more about the Kao of today. Peruse exhibits of the latest products that represent Kao product lines, use devices that assess the state of your skin and hair, and experience first-hand the workings of key features of Kao products.

The Communication Plaza, displaying the very latest business initiatives

Simply displaying the special functions and features of chemical products

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