Kao Eco-Lab Museum

Discovering and Experiencing "eco together"
A facility built to communicate information about the environment and Kao's ecology-conscious technologies

Most Kao products are used by consumers in daily life. That's why Kao practices "eco together", incorporating an ecology-conscious viewpoint in everything from the selection of materials to waste disposal, aiming for more ecology-conscious product development and manufacture.
The Kao Eco-Lab Museum, where visitors can experience cutting-edge technologies, is part of these activities. Stimulate your mind, your body and your heart through the exhibits, films and hands-on activities here, to learn about the earth's environment today and about Kao's environmental technologies.

Kao Eco-Lab Museum logo. This logo represents people gathering at the “forest of learning” developed under the “eco together” theme. The logo represents the trees which make up the forest, as well as surfactants, the main ingredient in many Kao products.

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