Policies for Procurement

We conduct purchasing with fairness, legal compliance and the highest ethics. In order to achieve a sustainable society, we give full consideration to preservation for natural resources, conservation, safety and human rights, striving to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities.

1. Fairness

  1. We determine with fairness suppliers based on rational judgment of quality, price, delivery time, corporate management stability, manufacturing and supply capability, environmental conservation activities and other important elements of candidates.
  2. We provide potential suppliers with the opportunity for fair competition, regardless of nationality.

2. Compliance and Ethics

  1. We carry out our purchasing in compliance with the letter and spirit of all relevant laws.
  2. We maintain confidentiality regarding all supplier information obtained in our purchasing activities. We also do not engage in purchasing activities which infringe on third party rights such as the intellectual property rights.
  3. We do not conduct reciprocal trade for the purpose of selling our products or services.
  4. We keep entertainment and receipt of gifts involving suppliers within socially acceptable standards. As a principle, we also prohibit the exchange of entertainment and gifts between our purchasing staff and suppliers.

3. Social Responsibility

  1. We strive to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities aiming to contribute to the achievement of a sustainable society by giving full consideration to preservation of resources and the environment, safety, human rights and other social issues.
  2. We exchange necessary information with suppliers and evaluate mutually with sincerity trading conditions, mutual behavior and so forth in transactions, striving to improve both sides.
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