Kao Group Responsible Care Policy

“The Kao Group Responsible Care Policy” defines the fundamental matters relating to Responsible Care activities in Kao Group companies, and a voluntary improvement initiative in which all workers participate and work together with the company, while also providing opportunities for exchanging opinions with workers and consultation.
We shall address the five main Responsible Care pillars—occupational safety and health, process safety and disaster prevention, chemicals and product safety, distribution safety and environmental conservation—as well as implementing compliance with relevant rules, continuing education for employees and communication with society, and establish annual plans and quantitative goals each year in order of priority, so as to enhance the effectiveness of such activities.
This policy covers affiliates and all business activities (including mergers and acquisitions and entering into new projects).

1. Safety first, protecting the health and safety of workers (Occupational Safety and Health)

Managers will exercise leadership to eradicate occupational accidents (including illnesses), traffic accidents during work and commuting accidents, following the rule of “safety first.” Furthermore, we will work to reduce potential risk and strive to create a comfortable working environment and improve the health of employees. We will also strive to reduce occupational accidents at partner companies operating within our premises.

2. Striving to prevent accidents by improving on-site safety competency (Process Safety and Disaster Prevention)

Top management will exercise leadership to continuously improve our safety culture and safety infrastructure by putting safety first. We will also maintain safe and stable operations by systematically implementing equipment-related and administrative measures. We shall strive to prevent fires, explosions and chemical spills, place maximum priority on safeguarding human life when responding to natural disasters, and prepare for emergencies by conducting periodical training that takes into consideration the need to strengthen security related to facilities, processes and technology.

3. Providing products to society that can be used safely (Chemicals and Product Safety/Product Stewardship)

We shall strive to evaluate and reduce the risks relating to chemical substances throughout the whole life cycle of our products, including the procurement of raw materials, production, distribution, sales, use and disposal of products. We will also strive to develop technologies for products that consumers and customers can use with peace of mind, as well as striving to provide products that have a low environmental impact and to utilize innovative technologies.

4. Striving for zero accidents and zero crises in distribution (Distribution Safety)

We shall strive to prevent and minimize the effects of accidents and crises in cooperation with our business partners, as well as working to prevent environmental pollution, through the responsible management of distribution of chemicals and products.

5. Protecting the global environment and striving to implement resource recycling (Environmental Conservation)

We shall strive to continue reducing the environmental impact of our business operations by reducing greenhouse gas emissions through energy conservation and using renewable energy, optimizing the use of resources such as water and raw materials, promoting resource recycling by reducing, reusing and recycling waste including plastics, as well as disposing of waste water and waste gas appropriately. We will also proactively engage in biodiversity conservation activities such as afforestation and tree planting in the company’s sites and their surrounding areas.

6. Understanding and always observing laws and regulations, as well as rules (Compliance with Rules)

We will comply with national regulations, international rules and chemical industry association policies within each country of operation, as well as striving to improve our voluntary initiatives.

7. Striving to develop human resources by continuing to provide education (Continuing Education)

We shall continuously promote education for employees to enable them to act with awareness of their responsibility for the environment and safety.

8. Building trust with stakeholders by disclosing information and communicating with local communities (Communication with Society)

We shall proactively disclose our policies and activities related to the environment, health and safety and strive to build trust with all our stakeholders through communication with consumers, business customers, employees, local communities and other stakeholders.


This policy is applied to all executive officers and employees who engage in the Kao Group companies worldwide.

Compliance obligation

The Company’s staff members shall proactively exercise measures for the environment, safety, and health, based on this policy, and shall strive for consistent improvements.
The RC Promotion Committee shall oversee the activities of each department and discusses and approves policies, goals, and organizational changes. The secretariat of the RC Promotion Committee shall conduct audits of each department and promote improvement activities. If mentioned by the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee, the RC Promotion Committee shall discuss the matter.


This policy is to be regularly reviewed in consideration of results of past Responsible Care activities.

An official announcement in and outside the company

This policy shall be informed to all of Kao Group company’s staff members, officially announced, and made available to the public.

Implemented: May 2012
Revised: October 2023

Representative Director
President and Chief Executive Officer
Yoshihiro Hasebe

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