Human Health Care

A Healthy Today for a Richer Tomorrow

Kao's slogan for this business area is "to aim for good health today and a spiritually rich tomorrow." It goes without saying that being able to enjoy good health is the desire and the source of happiness of all people, from infants to the elderly.

For example, we supply easily ingestible health foods that contribute to a sound diet; oral care products that help to keep a good oral environment; and personal health care products that relieve symptoms arising from poor blood circulation, such as fatigue, pain, swelling and paleness. We also develop various sanitary products, such as feminine care products and diapers for both infants and adults that are designed to be gentle on the skin and safe and pleasant to use.

As more women enter the workforce and Japan's population ages, people are becoming increasingly aware of their health and possible health issues. We are committed to a scientifically based comprehensive health care approach, while continuing our physiological and psychological research into effective and safe products for the body.

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