Fabric and Home Care


Constantly Pursuing the Ideal to Create Brands with High Value

Kao develops cleaning products designed for a wide variety of applications. For general households, these include cleaning products for clothes, kitchens, and general home care, fabric softeners, paper cleaning products, and many others. Outside the home, we also provide comprehensive solutions for hygiene and quality assurance control management, mainly with cleaning and sterilizing technology, in fields such as the food processing industry, the cleaning industry, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and nursing care facilities.

The development of products for general household use is the mainstay of our business operations. To accurately grasp the constantly changing needs of our consumers and to provide valuable products that excite both them and us, we engage in unremitting research through the spirit of Yoki-Monozukuri. The technologies developed from this research are applied to laundry detergents and household cleaning products that find their way onto the markets not just in Japan but throughout Asia.

In professional-use fields, Kao's advanced cleaning and finishing technologies have led to the introduction of cleaning agents used in automatic dishwashers, and detergents for large-scale cleaning in food processing factories. In this way, we have contributed significantly to lowering hygiene management costs among our customers. We are also actively pursuing technical development aimed at preventing microbe-causing hazards and dangers, which have increasingly been in the news in recent years. We will continue to meet the ever more sophisticated needs of our customers using the expertise we have accumulated over many years in cleaning, sanitization, and skin care.

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