Material Science


Functional Materials that Lead to Innovative Products and Analytical Science that Explores the Nature of Materials

Kao pursues many important research themes, including the development of manufacturing technologies for fundamental oleochemicals, such as fatty alcohols and amines, the search for new functional oil and fat derivatives, and the creation of organic fine chemicals and functional polymers. The key to developing these new materials lies in material design (requiring reaction system development) and research into physical properties conducted at the molecular and atomic levels with an eye toward practical application. Such materials are used in innovative products in a wide variety of fields.

In developing innovative products, it is important to understand the structure and physical properties of substances such as skin, hair, and fabrics, and to understand their interactions with substances that are applied to them. To that end, we pursue research in analytical science to achieve breakthroughs and innovation through interface and surface analysis at the nano level, and analytical technologies that help us understand the constituents and structure of living organisms. We also develop and apply new analytical and measuring technologies that provide the basis for further scientific progress. This analytical research provides the foundation for basic research on skin and hair, and it also supports product development research.

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