Life Science


Clarifying the Nature of Life-related Phenomena through Academic Integration and Supporting Consumer Trust and Feelings of Security

Kao conducts biological science research in a variety of fields, including health science, skin and hair science, and microbial biotechnology. This work is done both in-house and jointly with outside research institutes and universities using an interdisciplinary approach. Although progress in this field has been rapid, it is still an area that contains many unknowns. Kao is actively engaged in basic research that focuses on clarifying the nature of life-related phenomena.

Also, to supply products that consumers can trust and use with confidence, Kao gives top priority to product safety. Careful consideration is given to human and environmental safety and microbial control in all stages of product development, from initial conception all the way through consumer use and disposal.

By applying the latest science and technology available in a wide variety of fields on a deep level, we search out ideal materials and product images from a life science perspective.

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