Human Science


Innovative Packaging Designed from the User's Perspective and Fragrance Creation through Integrating Science and Refined Sensitivity

Truly superior products consist of an ideal combination of effective agents that deliver high performance with containers and tools that allow the products to maximize these effects. Our research on packaging and containers is conducted with consideration given to an aging society and the need to contribute to a more sustainable way of life that harmonizes with the environment. We strive to develop high quality packages and tools that are easy for everyone to use and optimize product performance.

Fragrances are an important element in the consumer products we use in our daily lives. Through communication with our consumer, we acquire an accurate grasp of their fragrance needs, which is reflected in Kao products. Our research takes a comprehensive approach that includes the scent of a product before, during, and after use, with fragrances carefully matched to product type and brand image.

To develop fragrances that are acceptable in the many different cultures of the world, we have established a research facility in Spain. In collaboration with Spain and Japan, we develop fragrances accepted by various global cultures and designed for use in products around the world.

We also develop proprietary package and scent analysis technologies and sensory research. While integrating our work on scientific findings and the sensibilities of our researchers, we are committed to the creation and evaluation of research into packages and fragrances to satisfy and enrich peoples' lives.

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