KANEBO Facial Wash Will Be Coming (Limited-edition Package Design) for the Lunar New Year (2023)

Seasonal campaign to bring Hope to the New Year

On January 1, 2023, the KANEBO prestige brand from Kao Corporation will be kicking off the Lunar New Year with the release of "KANEBO COMFORT STRETCHY WASH LIMITED EDITION 2023," a facial wash with a limited-edition package design. True to its "I HOPE." brand motto, KANEBO will usher in new dreams and aspirations for the new year while strengthening its communications with the regions including China.

KANEBO is one of the eleven global focus brands within the beauty portfolio of the Kao Group. Products from the brand have been sold to customers in China through cross-border EC since 2017. KANEBO debuted on the short-form video platform Douyin in June of 2022. A KANEBO brand store has also recently opened on the cross-border e-commerce platform Douyin EC Global for strengthened penetration into the Chinese Gen Z market through live commerce.

About the product

KANEBO COMFORT STRETCHY WASH is a mainstay KANEBO brand product popular in the Chinese market. Gwenael Nicolas, the creative force behind the product and store design since the launch of KANEBO, has designed a special package for the forthcoming limited-edition release. Golden rabbit motifs jump about in the air against a backdrop of red, the traditional color of the Lunar New Year. The festive, playful design is a celebration of the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese zodiac (2023).

Description of the product

Product name, type,
volume, price (RRP)
Product Features
130g / ¥5,000

A unique, stringy-textured facial wash that effortlessly strips the skin of impurities, leaving it gently moisturized.

HydroST (Polyquaternium-51, PEG-400, Polyquaternium-7), Glycerin

A rich formulation of moisturizing ingredients creates a veil of moisture with a high affinity to the skin.

★Limited-edition design with golden rabbit motifs against a background of traditional Lunar New Year red.

Launch Date: January 1, 2023
Launch Countries / Regions: Japan and other countries and regions KANEBO operates in, Travel Retailers, Cross-border EC

About the campaign

In the campaign which will be held during the Lunar New Year, the time of the year when people feel the most "hope", users will be invited to participate in various social media events to further foster empathy with the "I HOPE." message of KANEBO brand that communicates not merely beauty but hope. KANEBO will also be approaching the Chinese market by working with each of its sales channels in the countries and regions where KANEBO products are sold.

About Gwenael Nicolas

Born in France in 1966. Master of Arts in Industrial Design at RCA, London, in 1991. Arrived in Japan as a freelance designer in 1991.
Established CURIOSITY INC. in 1998.
Gwenael's activities range seamlessly from interior design to cosmetics and packaging. An inspired designer at many levels, he often takes charge of every dimension of a project, from the store design to the branding. In recent years he has worked on interior designs for numerous prestige brand stores and hotels in the US and Europe.

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