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Kao Set to Release KANEBO LIVELY SKIN WEAR, a Creamy Gel Foundation for a Beautiful Natural Finish with "Lively Skin Technology"*1

On September 9, 2022, Kao Corporation will be releasing KANEBO LIVELY SKIN WEAR, a creamy gel foundation that emulates the innately beautiful texture of the skin while adding vibrant color and healthy glow to the complexion. LIVELY SKIN WEAR foundations will debut in eight shades from the KANEBO brand, each priced at ¥10,000 (¥11,000 with tax).
LIVELY SKIN WEAR was created to enrich the expressiveness of skin by conveying vital vibrant impressions while bringing out the inborn allure of every person.

  • * 1 A new technology to bring out the innate radiance, texture, and tone of skin while restoring a naturally beautiful texture.

Leading up to the release

Mask-wearing in Japan has become so universal, people nowadays are searching for ways to project more expressive and attractive impressions during the first moments when their masks are removed. The concept behind LIVELY SKIN WEAR, the creamy gel foundation coming from the KANEBO brand this September, is "Beauty Uncovered", representing that this foundation uncovers skin's natural beauty by enhancing the allure of the complexion using a new technology that offers high coverage while emulating the natural texture and radiant finish of beautiful skin. LIVELY SKIN WEAR is a foundation that helps bring back skin confidence, in line with the brand motto "I HOPE.".

Features of the product

The creamy gel foundation enhances skin radiance with every movement and brings out a vital, lustrously moist impression. The formulation applies "Lively Skin Technology," a skincare innovation of Kao Laboratories that creates color oil with highly dispersed powder pigments and encapsulates them in translucent gel. LIVELY SKIN WEAR emulates the natural glow, texture, and color of beautiful bare skin while concealing flaws. LIVELY SKIN WEAR provides a beautiful finish even without concealer, as the veil spreads smoothly and evenly on the skin, even with repeated applications. The firm hold of the foundation on the skin prevents makeup from wearing off even without primer or face powder, and keeps a beautifully lustrous skin for many hours.



Description of the product

Product name, type, volume, price Product features
8 shades
30 g
¥10,000 each (¥11,000 with tax)


A creamy gel foundation that emulates the innate beauty of the skin and leaves a vibrant finish and healthy glow.
The foundation conceals flaws and maintains the natural glow, texture, and tone of the skin.
Formulated with "Lively Skin Technology," a unique Kao innovation to emulate the texture of natural beautiful skin.
The foundation provides sufficient coverage while leaving a vibrant finish and moist glow.

- The moisture serum ingredient coated in the special translucent gel*2 helps the foundation spread over the skin with a pleasant sensation while preserving moisture all day long*3 .
- "5R Red Nuance Color"*4 helps to beautify and adds a healthy glow to the complexion.
- Formulated with a fruity floral scent that blends lily of the valley, rose, and gardenia accented with "Teatopia" tea flower.
- Delivers a beautiful finish even without makeup base, concealer, or face powder.
  • * 2 DPG and Polysilicone-9.
  • * 3 From application in the morning until makeup removal in the evening.
  • * 4 A color based on 5R, a central red hue that beautifies the skin while bringing out a natural quality that seems to emanate out from within.

Date of release:

September 9, 2022 in Japan
Stepwise from September 2022

Main outlets:

Department stores, selected cosmetics stores and online shops


KANEBO is a global prestige skincare and makeup brand that communicates not merely beauty, but also hope that inspire people to celebrate their identities as unique individuals in an era of diversity. KANEBO is one of the eleven global focus brands within the beauty portfolio of the Kao Group.

  • * This news release is a translation of a Japanese-language news release dated May 27, 2022.

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