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Kao to Start a Health Testing Business Employing Skin Surface Lipids-RNA Monitoring Technology

Mail-in Testing Service Developed by Healthcare Systems for Examining Skin Barrier Functions in Infants

The Babywell Check mail-in testing service*1 for gaining information about the barrier functions of the skin of infants, employing Skin Surface Lipids-RNA Monitoring Technology*2 developed by Kao Corporation, will be launched on March 9, 2023 by Healthcare Systems Co., Ltd.
With the launch of this service as the first step, Kao will branch out into the health testing business applying Skin Surface Lipids-RNA Monitoring Technology and other proprietary technologies it has developed.


Kao has developed Skin Surface Lipids-RNA Monitoring Technology, a method for monitoring Skin Surface Lipids-RNA (SSL-RNA) offering global analysis of RNA extracted from facial sebum collected with oil blotting film. Research so far has been able to infer various skin and physical conditions from the approximately 10,000 types of RNA expression information contained in sebum, giving this technology the potential to enable early detection of pediatric atopic dermatitis or of Parkinson's disease.
Kao has also developed technology allowing the stable room temperature preservation and transport of SSL-RNA collected from sebum, which otherwise degrades due to enzyme action if left unattended*3 . SSL-RNA can thus be collected anywhere, including the home, and mailed in to a testing facility to analyze the information.
Healthcare Systems has launched Babywell Check, a mail-in testing service using Skin Surface Lipids-RNA Monitoring Technology. Kao partnered with Healthcare Systems, a venture business started at Nagoya University that develops and distributes mail-in testing kits with the aim of preventing future disease and maintaining health, to develop the system and will now handle the job of analyzing the collected RNA data.

Babywell Check, the first mail-in testing service using Skin Surface Lipids-RNA Monitoring Technology

With the Babywell Check mail-in testing service, available through Healthcare Systems, parents have a non-invasive method for collecting sebum by simply applying oil blotting film to the skin. Collecting sebum at home to gain information about the barrier functions of infants' skin through sebum RNA data can help determine appropriate care for the skin. It is known that the skin barrier functions of infants with atopic dermatitis are weak. With this testing service, parents can learn about a child's skin condition and appropriate care to ensure their child's healthy development.

Package image of Babywell Check

Name Babywell Check
Sold by Healthcare Systems Co., Ltd.
On sale from March 9, 2023
Suggested retail price ¥27,500 (tax included)
Product site Karada no Monosashi
(in Japanese/ Opens March 9)

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