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Kao Partners with Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare to Start Joint Development in the Life Care Business Segment to Leverage Fundamental and Formulation Technologies

On November 24, 2022, Kao signed an agreement with Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare to collaborate in joint development in the Life Care Business (skincare-related). This marks the start of the two companies working together to use their fundamental and formulation technologies to develop healthcare and other products that contribute to healthy and enriched lives.

Until now, Kao has utilized its accumulated research expertise in surfactants and life sciences to create skincare and hair care products in its Health and Beauty Care Business. In line with its Precision Life Care*1 approach, Kao has accelerated research and development of various health-related technologies to produce individualized solutions meeting every person's needs. Meanwhile, Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare is highly knowledgeable and experienced in the field of OTC drugs and has developed a wide range of pharmaceuticals with a focus on science-based quality. The company now aims to broaden its portfolio in the skincare and oral care areas and develop products to help support consumer health and beauty.

  • * 1 Kao's approach to analyzing / predicting causes of health issues and proposing appropriate solutions from various perspectives. Going forward, Kao will expand this approach to address lifestyle and environmental issues.

Kao and Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare have undertaken joint development making use of each other's skin- and health-related fundamental and formulation technologies with the aim of applying them to their business areas. Under the agreement concluded today, the companies will engage in joint development, applying Kao's skin product formulation technology to help Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare develop OTC drugs, to help develop products providing new value and experience.

Kao will work together to create products and services that support all consumers and provide thorough satisfaction, to contribute to health and emotional enrichment.

Kao Corporation

Kao has been promoting the Kao Group Mid-term Plan 2025 (K25) since 2021 with its vision of "protecting future lives" and "sustainability as the only path." Kao will continue to integrate its ESG strategy into its management practices. It will also develop its business, provide better products and services for consumers and society, and work toward its purpose, "to realize a Kirei world in which all life lives in harmony."

Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare

Upholding the Daiichi Sankyo group of companies*2 mission of "providing pharmaceuticals to meet diverse medical needs," Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare offers OTC drugs which consumers can select and buy themselves. The company currently offers not only OTC drugs but is also planning to expand its offerings in the skincare and oral care fields under the corporate slogan "Fit for You—Join us in creating a healthier lifestyle that fits you perfectly" Through its business, Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare promotes self-care so that individuals may protect their own health, and contributes to a society offering better health and beauty for everyone.

  • * 2 The Daiichi Sankyo Group markets innovative pharmaceuticals, generic pharmaceuticals, vaccines and OTC drugs.

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