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Kao Launches Bioré GUARD Mos Block Serum* , a Newly-developed Mosquito Repellent Product, in Thailand

Also implementing the full-scale launch of the #GUARD OUR FUTURE project to save future lives from mosquitoes

In June 2022, Kao Corporation launched Bioré GUARD Mos Block Serum* , a new mosquito repellent product that makes use of Kao's unique, revolutionary technology, in Thailand. In addition, Kao has formally initiated the #GUARD OUR FUTURE initiative, a global project to save future lives from mosquitoes, and as the first stage of project implementation, Kao is making a serious effort to help control dengue fever and other infectious diseases that are spread by mosquitoes. #GUARD OUR FUTURE is a comprehensive project, focusing initially on Thailand and eventually on the wider Southeast Asia region as a whole, which includes awareness-raising activities relating to dengue fever, as well as field testing and research activities. By protecting people's skin, Kao is aiming to save future lives and make a positive contribution to society.

  • * Serum is a kind of product texture. It does not convey concentration, penetration, and it is not a cosmetic product.


Bioré GUARD Mos Block Serum*


#GUARD OUR FUTURE project logo

Launching Bioré GUARD Mos Block Serum*

Background to the launch of the new product

Dengue fever is an infectious disease that is spread by mosquitoes. It has been a major societal problem for countries in Southeast Asia for many years, and the disease is now also spreading to other parts of the world due to the impact of global warming. Kao has also been conducting independent research on how to protect people from mosquitoes in their daily lives. Focusing on the action of mosquitoes, Kao has developed a technology to protect people from their blood feeding via wide spreading of the formulation and cover skin as protection shield. This is a new technology with a mechanism of action that differs from conventional insect repellents such as DEET and Picaridin, which rely on mainly volatile active agents. By utilizing this technology, Kao has developed a mosquito repellent product that is not sticky, and which is as comfortable to apply as serum* . The new product was launched in Thailand under the name Bioré GUARD Mos Block Serum* in June 2022.

Product name / Amount of content / Price

Product name Type Amount of content Price
Mos Block Serum*
Floral Blossom fragrance 50g 69THB
Lavender Valley fragrance

Product features

"Mos Protection Skin Shield" provides a serum for blocking mosquitoes by innovating a unique formula that can expand widely and provide coverage on skin, as if having protection skin shield to protect from mosquitoes.
● The product protects against mosquitoes without being sticky and is as comfortable to apply as serum*
● It can be used anywhere, anytime and everyday
● The product formula uses natural citronella oil
● DEET-free


Date and region of launch

Bioré GUARD Mos Block Serum* was launched in June 2022, in Thailand.
There are currently no plans to launch this product in Japan.


The Kao Group established its ESG strategy, the Kirei Lifestyle Plan, in April 2019. In 2021, Kao launched its Mid-term Plan 2025 (K25), which declares "Protecting future lives—Sustainability as the only path" as its vision.

The #GUARD OUR FUTURE project represents Kao's first concrete initiative for "Protecting future lives." Taking implementation of the project in Thailand as the starting point, in the future it is planned to expand the scope of the project's activities to include other regions in Asia that are affected by mosquito-borne infectious diseases. Bioré thinks of skin as "Human Interface" that connects people to other people and to society. Going forward, the Bioré brand will be providing products in an even wider range of categories, and through its products and projects, it will build a new business model that helps people, especially those most in need.

Kao will continue to integrate ESG into the core of its company management. It also aims to drive business growth, as well as to better serve consumers and society through its enhanced products and services, in order to achieve a Kirei life for all by providing care and enrichment for the life of all people and the planet.

About Kao

Kao creates high-value-added products that enrich the lives of consumers around the world. Through its portfolio of over 20 leading brands such as Attack, Bioré, Goldwell, Jergens, John Frieda, Kanebo, Laurier, Merries, and Molton Brown, Kao is part of the everyday lives of people in Asia, Oceania, North America, and Europe. Combined with its chemical division, which contributes to a wide range of industries, Kao generates about 1,420 billion yen in annual sales. Kao employs about 33,500 people worldwide and has 135 years of history in innovation. Please visit the Kao Group website for updated information.

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