Research on Skin Care Linked with Emotions

Skin Care

“Being in love makes you more beautiful” is a well-known phrase used throughout the world. The good effects of positive emotions, such as happiness and satisfaction, on skin condition is well understood, though scientific evidence is scarce. Based on a hypothesis that the “mind” and “skin condition” are linked, Kao research staff members in the fields of formulation development, skin science, and sensory science performed a cooperative study. Those scientific results indicate that “skin condition improves when skin care generates a positive frame of mind”.
Previously, we found that emotions experienced while performing skin care are greatly affected by the sense of touch. Therefore, we first identified cream textures related to positive emotions. Various sensations revealed by touch that enhance positive emotions were investigated, with “richness”, “blends well into skin”, and “moist texture” found to be especially important. These findings were confirmed not only by subjective questionnaire answers, but also from cerebral blood flow measurements showing that positive emotions increased when skin cream designed to enhance those three touch sensations was applied (Fig. 1).
Furthermore, experiments were performed to study the effects of emotions on skin appearance by use of this cream. After applying the cream at home for 4 weeks, participants in the positive emotions high-score group demonstrated greater improvements in skin appearance as compared to the relatively low-score group (Fig. 2). Based on these findings, it is considered that positive emotions developed during skin care have effects to produce better skin conditions.
Previously, the effect of skin care has been discussed only based on the function of active ingredients and formulation technology. The present novel findings suggest that an approach that focuses on emotions might be useful for developing skin care cosmetics that lead to beautiful skin (Fig. 3).
Kao will continue to develop new products and approaches focusing on pleasurable skin care time as well as function.

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